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This project is a chance for me to have a creative outlet for the songs I write, and to share those songs with anyone who'd like to hear them.


released July 22, 2012

written, performed, and produced by Alexander Koshak
Mixed by Alexander Koshak w/ Daniel James Eaton
Mastered by Ryan Spradlin
piano recorded at bill starrs
everything else recorded in the barn at the charles mansion



all rights reserved


Lingua Franca Colorado Springs, Colorado

Music by Alexander Mcgee Koshak

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Track Name: Dynamo.
It's early in the morning and the magpies are stirring
picking up after the nightlife before
and you're sure that jockeys wearing your man's favorite colors
so you bet a hundred dollars on the horse
and of course i've been seeing there's this pattern to your leaving
but i guess i just called it a chore
and of course i've been seeing there's this pattern to your leaving
but i guess i just chose to ignore that you're

a come and go dynamo
you had a real life but it was all for show
now you've got another year spent to forget your regrets
and atone and let go

Now it's early in the evening and the magpies are leaving
and you're throwing all your things out the door
and you're getting bored with all these overwhelming feelings that at one time you couldn't bare to ignore
but you're so sure there's someone somewhere
with green eyes and yellow hair and they're waiting on your return
and when you come you'll be undone and it'll all be over before to long

'cause you're a come and go dynamo
you had a real life but that was such a long time ago
that it's just another year spent to forget your regrets
and atone
and let go
Track Name: August will go right behind you.
in mourning i'm waking and with all the time I've taken in I must get out
I've had to much but I'm afraid it's still not quite enough

I'm almost shaken speechless silenced by the blatant disregard
for how long you've been trusting me I must admit it breaks my heart,
and never in my wildest dreams would I have seen it go so far from friendly.....

as things dissolve around you, you refuse to take it all as truth,
want something new to happen so all this will go right behind you
now you're a drag, you're just a shriveled shadow of a woman and
somehow you put it on yourself got too attached, could not be helped

I tried to tell you it'd be hell knocked down you're door and rang your
bell, and all you had to say was "I'm so sorry" but the pride of a fool
had enslaved

what happens now depends on all the doubts that I've been throwing out

I'm lost without you love, I'd be so lost without you love*

my will is strong but it won't be long before I'm outside of myself

*I'm lost without you love, I'd be so lost without you love

so I can sleep and dream of life with no regrets and faded shades of pearl and red and faded grey upon my head

with brilliant blue behind your eyes, making reservations in a plastic paradise where all our dreams of happiness can be satisfied, believe me when I tell you, when I beg you, when I hurt you I

I can't live without you.......
Track Name: White Nights*
a sentimental love story from the memoirs of a dreamer
named for the short story by dostoevsky
Track Name: Quasi stellar Radio frequency
This place is cold, limits less,
holding my breath wild pressure kills,
and up untill,
I'm blinded I've been standing still

Above my head the stars collide and all the pieces fall right back inside my heart,
and nothing can find me, not even a quasi stellar radio frequency

Make me more than this little lie I live,
make me innocent or self destructive, and edify this little ol'
lie I live while my shadows burst around the sun
these shadows burst in vibrant colors on the sun.
Track Name: Slow Death
you came right back to weep, after I never thought we'd speak again
but things are breaking and now everything's breaking
you say we're better off to be in a good light with the company we keep,
but things break then everything changes...

and I wish I would've known better than to let you hold my heart
but that night we spent, all our clouded judgement, I just felt so sure

but now I'm awake and I can tell, I've made some mistakes based on how I felt, things are breaking and my body's still shaking
you left me caught in a bitter place my fears wont let me save my face
these things that break well i've lost all patience for them

and I wish I would've known better than to listen when you say,
"it'll all work out, I have no doubt, there ain't no one, could replace you."

But now I know that isn't true, I know you and I will never do those plans we made and all the ones we hadn't yet
Still i think you will always be in search of truth through tragedy
and when you find it maybe I'll be waiting

and I'll hold my breath
till that light shines in and I welcome
this slow death
Track Name: 1,2*
one, two...
and I thought that I'd lost you
unwilling to carry the tune
I'd just as soon as forget it...

'cause it's so true,
what they say about no news is good news,
when you can only loose your mind reading the headlines...

but the gold hoops,
through your ears hanging these long loops,
that sway in circles that twist and turn as you move yourself around...

and I'll never forget the sound

even in the sunlight I couldn't catch your eye,
you would always pass me by,
only in the moonlight would you comprimise,
still you'd only leave me crying...

clocked like an old grandfather,
with a heartfelt hook to the mouth,
those diamonds and pearls swinging low in your curls
are only dragging you south

your just like the bird on the wire
you are the only light for miles
straight out of the east with an intent to release
a whirlwind in a smile
and all the while.....

i never forgot the sound